President’s Annual Report

by Roger Goddard — 12th February 2012.

Following my election at the AGM one year ago, I highlighted 5 areas of focus for the club. In reviewing the year I would like to touch on how we have done against these areas of focus.

Encouraging good club representation and winning positions at competitions

We recognised lots of examples of individual and team success through the year at November’s club dinner dance. The key notable individual performance was for Hazel Dean, winning the Club Sport Stirling Award for ‘Veteran of the Year’ and FVO ‘Athlete of the Year’. As a team we have been very successful, with wins including the Compass Sport Trophy, 11 Man Relay, and Interclub Champs. Our Juniors helped West area win the Inter Club Trophy and were 3rd in Jamie Stephenson relay. And finally, the women’s open team came second in the UK Relay League. Congratulations and thank you to everybody contributing to this success.

Organising quality events, with great maps, planning and organisation which are really good value for money

A busy year for FVO organising the following events:

  • SOL 2 on the brand new map of North Third - organised by Janine;
  • Day 1 of the 6 days which set the standard for the whole event – led by Louise, planned by Trevor and Dave; and
  • FVO hosted the Scottish Score Championships- organised by Rupert.

A big thank you to all the organisers, key event officials and all helpers.

Ensuring there are regular training and local events for club members

There were 22 events held through the year, including the Wednesday Evening Series and Night series. Thank you to Peggy for her efforts on promotion and organisation of the WEE series, and also to Martin for organising another great night series. Other activity included 2 training weekends, one in March in Speyside, in the knee deep snow, the other in Deeside in the autumn. The FVO Dinner Dance at the Victoria Halls was another superb evening, with thanks to Louise and Jan.

Looking for opportunities to promote the club and attract new members

The WEE Series during the summer was well attended by non members, and the Web Site has been kept updated with the help of Louise and David. Rona and Jen continued their great work in Falkirk and Linlithgow by promoting orienteering through events at Falkirk Council Active schools and junior training days.

Investing any income back into the Club for long term success

Significant amount of mapping was completed with our aim to map /update two new areas a year. This was succeeded with updated and extended maps of Polmaise, North Third and Doune, together with completely new maps of Falkirk Wheel and Colzium. The club also provided subsidy for relay entries and invested in new head torches and a new club tent.

In summary, a great year!

Finally, I would like to personally thank the Committee for their hard work, and our members for their continued input and energy throughout the year.

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